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3 Work Boots you can also wear for Hiking!

If you’re in the mood to purchase a new pair of boots, you’re probably looking for something to suit ALL of your boot-wearing needs. You would ideally want to invest in a pair of boots that are versatile enough to wear to work and yet tough enough to wear on your hiking trails. But that question also might leave you wondering: Are your work boots strong enough to be worn on hiking and trekking trails? 

Most work boots provide intense protection with eight-inch high ankles and steel toes that might be a bit too much for a simple hike. For hikes, you can get away with low-cut hiking boots that are lightweight and as comfortable as running shoes but with a better grip suitable for different terrains. Heavy-duty shoes might not be a great idea for hikes as they might weigh you down. So if you want to wear your work boots for your next hike, make sure you’re choosing the perfect blend of strong yet lightweight boots. 

To make life easier for you, we highlighted our top 3 picks for work-boots you can also wear for hiking!


Known as one of the best work boots, the Ranger boots can be heavy-duty and rigorous. These boots boast of properties like breathability and moisture-wicking which will keep your feet dry and odor-free. A waterproof membrane makes sure wet climate and harsh weather conditions will not be a problem during your hikes. Many of these boots also have a durable construction like the Goodyear Welt which makes it well-suited for both the workplace and hikes. A puncture-resistant outsole ensures that nothing will penetrate into your feet to hinder your stride! Comfort features like padded tongue and collar are an added benefit to the cushioned insoles.


Whether you’re a fan of the classic Timberlands or the typical lace-up work boots, these age-old favorites are also a good contender when it comes to picking work and hiking boots. These boots usually are cut from thick leather to protect your feet and give you plenty of room to walk in. If you are looking for premium quality boots, Urban Shepherd boots are made with a genuine leather midsole and heel counter, hand-laid cork footbed, and hand-shaped stacked leather heel. All Urban Shepherd boots are also built with a  Goodyear Welt construction, a durable welt process that allows our boots to be re-soled repeatedly, making your boots durable, strong and weather-resistant.


A pair of biker boots can make an excellent versatile addition to your wardrobe. Typically featuring a low heel and lace-up details, biker/combat boots not only appear tough and edgy but they, in fact, are. You can opt to wear these for work, as well as for rough terrain hikes. Constructed with a tall, 6.25’’ shaft for added ankle support and our hand-buffed top grain, calfskin leather, this boot is made to endure an active lifestyle. Finished with a commando-style Vibram sole, you can conquer any obstacle. Whether it is work or an adventure that you are seeking, these shoes will not let you down. 

Only you can make the final decision whether you are better off with flexible, light work boots or heavy-duty ones. You have to keep in mind many factors like weight, protecting your feet, cushioning, comfort and the conditions you may be walking in. We hope this blog-post will enable you to make an informed decision. Enjoy your work-boots and use them as hiking boots with pride!

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