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5 boot styles inspired from the 90s

The 1990s was a wonderful time, filled with a plethora of all-boy bands and pop queens who everyone obsessed over for their iconic fashions and, of course, the music. Hence, the decade saw the birth of hardcore grunge as well as a rise in streetwear. Casual-perky dressing dominated the era. Musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Justin Timberlake became style icons to men across the world.

When it comes to fashion, we often look to the past for inspiration, ideas and sometimes just to understand the origin of a product better. The decade that keeps capturing the attention of designers and fashion-forward men around the world is the ’90s. After the excess of the ‘80s, fashion moved on to a more relaxed yet rebellious mood and for this reason, the ‘90s are known for its easy-going sense of style. The decade also produced plenty of awesome trends. Many of those trends have already made a comeback, be it shoes or apparel.

The fashionable boots of the '90s will probably be studied in centuries to come and fashion aficionados will attempt to unravel the reasons why people used to wear these shoes every day. In fact, there were so many eccentric fashions during the '90s that it's difficult to keep track of all of them. And that’s why, with this article, we take a look at 5 boot trends from the 90s that you can still rock today.

1. Combat Boots
Heavy-duty, lace-up boots were popular in the ’90s grunge subculture before going mainstream. These boots are still widely available today and to wear them, opt for partnering a pair with ripped jeans and a flannel shirt for a tough throwback style.

2. Floral Boots
The ‘90s never failed to present a unique, new style that we can keep lusting after today. Floral printed boots, especially brogue boots and gumboots were widely popular during those times. These boots were for men and women both. If you look at some of the pop stars from the 90s, you’d probably want these boots in every color and print!

3. Clog Boots
The '90s clog boots were undoubtedly precious because of their unique design. Although, if you were wearing these boots, chances are that you’d have felt like you had bricks strapped to your feet after 30 minutes of wearing them. Clogs were obviously not meant for running around. From Karl Lagerfeld, MaxMara, Louis Vuitton and many others, the stapled heeled clogs kept appearing on the runways in the ‘90s. Many celebrities were spotted wearing these fashionable shoes, back in the day. From Nick Cave to Sean P and Diddy Combs, Clogs were especially popular among the artist crowd. Clogs are a versatile shoe that can be enjoyed by all genders and everyone. Other than musicians, many professionals who work on their feet all day, including chefs, doctors, and nurses also adored these boots.

4. Goth Boots
If you were a teen in the '90s and going through a rebellious phase, you probably needed a pair of jet black goth boots that matched the color of your soul. When it came to goth boots, the more buckles & metal, the better. Goth boots with proper platform heels were considered to be the most rocking type. After all, the decade was all about the revival of the badass 1970s platform.

5. Plaid Boots
The one trend that you can instantly tell while thinking about the ‘90s fashion is Plaid. The '90s saw a lot of plaids. Celebs fueled the popularity of the iconic grunge looks and, subsequently leading to the rise of the red and black checkered, plaid boots. Pre-2000 was a glorious period during which plaid was available in crinkled and candy-colored variations as well, much of which was also applied to boots. With a pair of plaid boots like the ‘90s cool kids, no one could replace you from the top of the fashion food chain.

The '90s was a cut-throat time of very niche trends. All in all, if you wanted to be considered "cool’’ or ‘’rad" in the ‘90s, there were specific boots that you most likely had to have. If you didn't own at least one pair of these stylish boots, you had to make peace with yourself that you weren't going to be the next Ne-Yo. Whether you can own these ‘90s inspired boots today or not, chances are that you will be day-dreaming about them for a while now!


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