Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

6 Ways to care for your Urban Shepherd Premium Leather Boots

If you are a boots lover, we’d wager that the majority of your shoe collection is made from high-quality leather. Urban Shepherd hides are reliable, stylish and hard-wearing, but, despite being tough highest grade leathers, they still require care. Your leather shoes demand that you clean, condition and take more measures to increase their life. Leather boots can support you in many conditions - whether you are building a wooden chair in your woodshed, hiking a tough trail, heading out to dinner with your colleagues or commuting to work in the snow, you can just rely on them with just about anything - provided that you care for them properly. So get ready, unlace your shoes and show them some love. It will only take little investment of time and money. 

1)  Loosen them up

Real leather is stiff but gives with wear. After 2-3 wears, they will stretch and mold to your feet. Wear thick socks at first to add some support until they break-in.

2) Wipe and buff down your boots

Treat your Urban Shepherd leather boots well and they will return the favor. After all, leather boots are an investment. Begin, with making sure that your boots are free of dust and dirt by giving it a quick clean with a soft brush or piece of cloth.  

3)  Give them a good cleaning

Whether your Urban Shepherd boots have an ugly salt ring, or just dirty marks from day to day living and stepping accidentally in water, your next step is to clean your boots of all residue. One thumb of rule is: try to remove all kinds of stains as soon as they happen, and ideally before they dry.

For salt stains, use a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts and rub gently with a soft piece of cloth to remove the stains. Allow the boot to dry, and buff with a soft brush when finished. For other marks, use a saddle soap that will also help condition and waterproof your boot. Create a lather of the soap by rubbing it into the boot, and wipe off the lather with a damp cloth after a few minutes.

4) Don’t forget to condition!

Leather uppers require more protection to help prolong the life of the boot and maintain their appearance. Hence, the application of some conditioner as a protector is important. Ensure your shoes are dry before application. 

Straight from the Portuguese tannery, this Urban Shepherd blend of all-natural, colorless conditioner will hydrate the leather and enrich its color to a deeper hue. To avoid cracks in your boots, apply the conditioner to clean leather with a towel. Let it sit for a while and remove any access. Allow your boots to dry thoroughly for 2 days. The color will lighten as the leather dries. Remember to recondition every month during times of bleak weather, to ensure your shoes stay looking fresh.

5) Waterproofing is the way

Over time and without proper care, the leather of the boots can dry out and crack as it’s natural oils and moisture start to disappear. A waterproofing wax is always a good idea when you own leather boots. 

6) Right Storage

Last but not least, storing your Urban Shepherd leather boots correctly also plays a prominent part in how long they last. Keep your shoes in shape using shoe trees. Use cedar wood shoe trees as they have natural antibacterial properties and ability to absorb moisture. You can also keep your boots in shoe bags to shade the boots from dust and sunlight. Any time you are letting the boots dry out, don’t leave the boots in a spot that is directly next to a source of harsh heat.

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