Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

A round-up of all types of shoe-care products so that you don't have to worry about buying leather boots anymore

Genuine leather is a highly porous material, which absorbs environmental elements that can settle and create a dirt patch on the exterior of the shoes. Stained light-colored leather can be a bigger eyesore than a dark leather stain, for obvious reasons. Moreover, not all stains are the same. Water, dust, spillage, oil, etc. are unavoidable things when it comes to keeping your boots away from stains. Different types of stains require varying methods of cleaning. Knowing how to clean leather shoes is important, but you must first become familiar with the right shoe-care products for your purpose.   These products and methods will help you preserve your leather for years. 

Leather Boot Conditioner

Prevention is better than a cure! Using a boot-conditioner should be a ritual. Leather uppers require more protection to help prolong the life of the boot and maintain their appearance. Most importantly, they create a mild barrier between the leather of your boots and dirt components. Hence, the application of a conditioner as a protector is important. Ensure your shoes are dry before application. To keep your boots hydrated, keep them at room temperature and avoid storing your boots in plastic bags.

Straight from the Portuguese tannery, this Urban Shepherd blend of all-natural, colorless conditioner will hydrate the leather and enrich its color to a deeper hue. To avoid cracks in your boots, apply the conditioner to clean leather with a towel. Let it sit for a while and remove any access. Allow your boots to dry thoroughly for 2 days. The color will lighten as the leather dries. Remember to recondition every month during times of bleak weather, to ensure your shoes stay looking fresh.

Wipe and Buff

Treat your Urban Shepherd leather boots well and they will return the favor. After all, leather boots are an investment. Begin by making sure that your boots are free of dust and dirt.  Give them a quick clean with a soft, horse hairbrush or a piece of cloth.  

Homemade solution: 1

For any other stains like road salt, mix equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply to the stained area and let sit for 30-45 minutes. Use a damp warm cloth to wipe off the paste. Lemon juice and cream of tartar have a mild bleaching effect, so only use this on light-colored leather. You can also use 1 tablespoon of vinegar and water to clean the road salt stains instead of lemon juice. The vinegar solution will also restore shine!

Homemade solution: 2

Whether your Urban Shepherd boots have an ugly salt ring, or just dirty marks from day to day living and stepping in water, your next step is to clean your boots of all residue. One thumb of rule is: try to remove all stains as soon as they happen, and ideally before they dry.

For salt stains, use a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts and rub gently with a soft piece of cloth to remove the stain. Allow the boots to dry, and buff with a soft brush when finished. For other marks, use a saddle soap that will also help condition and waterproof your boots. Create a lather of soap by rubbing it into the boot, and wipe off the lather with a damp cloth after a few minutes.

Baking Soda

Use baking soda to get rid of hard oil or grease stains from your leather boots. Sprinkle some on a soft clean cloth and spread it on the affected area. Leave on for a while, or overnight, and dust off the excess gently.

Rubbing Alcohol

For ink stains, dip a cotton swab in a good quality nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol if you have it handy, to lightly blot the stain. Pat, don’t rub. Blot gently until the stain is gone. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry with a towel. You can also use a hairspray alternatively, to remove the ink.


Scuffs are marks made by scraping or grazing a surface or object, and this type of stain can be a real pain to look at. Rejoice, it is, in fact, easy to remove! You can simply use a drop of toothpaste to clean leather. Squirt a dab of the non-gel paste on the scuffed area. Rub with thin and soft cotton cloth.

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