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Celeb-Inspired Leather Snow Boot Trends For You

Snow-time is beautifully festive and all, but when it comes to leading a regular life where most of us are traveling by foot, snow can feel a little tricky to tackle. Commuting by foot in winters requires practical footwear that is suited for navigating through snowy walkways. Especially when it comes to commuting to work, you want your shoes to look polished and put-together once you finally get to the office. While you might already have a pair of classic black and tan booties, there’s a slew of upgraded styles worth adding to your winter shoe rotation. We are talking everything from trending styles to weather-safe stunners.

There’s no shortage of inspiration and information today. With celebrities being active on social media these days, the internet has a way of making certain wearables feel entirely irresistible. Runway trends get picked up quickly for social media feeds everywhere. Celebrities, stylists and Instagram influencers - all can be seen wearing the same must-have items and trends. Right now, the leather boots trend is a major Instagram hit. For example -  from angled toes to patterned and more - there is a lot for you to update to your shoe wardrobe which is totally worth testing this winter.

For Fall 2019 that is yet to come, we have curated celebrity snow boots style for you to hold a bevy of fresh winter boot trends as inspiration that will help you strike the right balance of fashion and function.

  • 1. Brogue Boots
  • One major trend this year will be of Brogue boots. Seen earlier this year on Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. Ryan paired his brown boots with a brown belt and a backpack in the shade of Brown and Khaki. His simple white t-shirt and grey pants are giving a good contrast to the overall outfit.

    2. Square-toe Boots
    For a more experimental fashion touch, go for square-toe booties that channel the bulky shapes of the ’90s in a much more sophisticated way. From Harry Styles to Kanye West, the cool-boy boot looks have been done by many celebs.  

    3. Chelsea Boots
    The magic of Chelsea boots - they literally never go out of style. If you grab the right pair, they can totally change your outfit for good. Urban Shepherd Chelsea Boots feature our signature red stitching and a casual boxed toe which makes these boots perfect to transition from day to night.

    4. Cowboy Boots
    Western-inspired cowboy boots will also be major for winters for that high-end fashion feel plus snow protection. Chris Hemsworth was seen wearing a pair of brown cowboy boots for a GQ magazine feature. Cowboy boots of calf-length boots in general also provide good height barrier to snow from entering inside your boots.

    5. Lug Sole Boots
    Post snow, the ground is slushy and muddy, meaning you need better hold in your shoe sole. A lug sole in your leather boots is what you need during that time of the year. Urban Shepherd lace-up boots in streamlined silhouettes, ankle/knee height, come in an array of finishes that have already appeared on the feet of today’s most stylish men and women. In addition to the slip-resistant properties, a lug sole improves a boot's traction and stability which is also an important feature to many hiking boots. Good leather boots for snow won’t come dirt cheap if you want them to last at least a few seasons. The quickest way to judge the quality of a leather boot is to judge the quality of the upper material and the sole.

    From printed to white leather, angled tips and much more, Fall in love with the details of leather boots this year to stay warm, edgy, western and comfortable. More than the fashion, it is actually impossible to think about getting through the cold snowy months without an ideal pair or two of perfect leather boots. Though, the good news is that - shoemakers offer lighter-in-weight versions of the ideally chunky boot styles with new materials offering better wear and practicality.

    Get shopping now coz Winter is coming (or it has already come in some places! Pun intended). Check out these snow-perfect boots for you that will keep your toes toasty and unexpectedly dapper.

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