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David Beckham has a unique boot style

David Beckham's signature style is suave and the man’s outfits speak of sheer class.

The sports legend is inarguably a worldwide popular style icon and lucky for us, dressing like him is not that difficult! The key elements in a casual Beckham outfit are - basic slim fit jeans, solid t-shirts, crewneck sweaters, plaid shirts, basic bombers, woolen overcoats, and boots. Beckham tops it all with his all-time favorite go-to headwear - flat caps and beanies. When it comes to formals, the retired English footballer prefers suits in classic colors and cuts. To parrot David’s suit style, layer your suit over a crisp white shirt and add a bow tie with a small polka dot or a long tie in medallion print or stripes. What’s annoyingly cool about David’s style is his laid-back sense of style that can take you all the way back to the 70s and then suddenly back to 2019 and so on. He looks absolutely comfortable in whatever he wears. Let’s look at his style more closely and understand his unique style to wear boots.

David Beckham with ex-Spice Girl and wife Victoria Beckham

David’s Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have come a long way, from being an only-worn-by-rock-stars boot to the option that every fashion-forward guy in your neighborhood wears. While other worthy footwear trends like cowboy boots and Crocs have shone in the limelight for the longest time, Chelsea boots have this thing about them that has generated an army of loyalists like David Beckham and his brood. David Beckham is one of the few male celebs who brought the attention back to Chelsea boots with their amazing looks. 

Not just David, but two out his four kids, sons Brooklyn and Romeo, have been spotted wearing Chelsea boots. Whether or not you feel ready to wear Chelsea boots right now, adding a few pairs of these boots is practical for the colder season coming ahead and a super stylish option. Leather Chelsea boots can add some '90s vibes to your outfit when you keep it classic with natural wool socks from heritage brands. 

Pairing a brown corduroy suit and a grey crew-neck t-shirt is a guaranteed way to infuse your styling repertoire with some casual refinement. All you need is a nice pair of tan suede Chelsea boots to finish the look. If you're trying to avoid a dress shirt under a blazer, a crew neck sweater in the same color as your suit is an easy option.

David’s Oxford boots

A classy tan suit is something you need to invest in, taking a cue from this elegant Beckham outfit. Paired with a white dress shirt and finished with black leather oxford shoes, Beckham’s look is all about clothes that fit well. Although wearing darker oxford boots with a camel-colored suit is not an ideally conventional way to go about a classic ensemble as gray or navy,  David wears it just as easily. 

David’s Hiking Boot Style

Classics aren’t boring or outdated - know this from Beckham’s spectacular taste in fashion. Beckham is seen rocking hiking boots or more heavy-duty boots with simple classic outfits by adding his own personal touches - like a ring, a casual t-shirt square, a generously gelled up head full of hair. The man owns his looks fully like the boss he is!

David’s Casual Boot Style

David Beckham's casual clothing style focuses on solids, versatile colors and classic textures. However, it’s not too common to see David wearing rather casual outfits in public, ditching his well-fitted, crisp outfits. And when he does, he likes to keep it monochrome with boots of his choice. David shows off his cool side with a pair of black leather high top boots. Being a sportsman, his style obviously leans into the athletic universe!


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