Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Footwear Edit 2019: Best Backpacking Boots

The leisures of backpacking, trekking or simply walking through the underbellies of the forest are the most precious experiences known to man. The gifts that nature has to provide can rarely be found anywhere else. If you’re someone who loves mother-nature and hikes, then you must also have an affinity for excellent quality boots, which make this experience even richer. When you’re a serious walker, wearing serious and premium quality boots becomes top-priority. 

Good hiking boots are a crucial part of your hiking experience. They can make or break good outdoor adventures, so every smart hiker needs to know a few basics before venturing out to buy a pair of backpacking boots. If you are going to be doing long, multi-day treks and carrying heavy loads, make sure your backpacking boots are designed to cope with all kinds of terrains and weather conditions. Backpacking boots should ideally be tall and stiff, to provide more support. Another factor to consider before buying backpacking boots is to have a more aggressive outsole and protection around it.

So here are our top 3 choices for the best backpacking boots, for you to choose from!


Backpacking means three things: frugal, spontaneous and adventurous. But before you embark on these adventures, we hope you don’t forget to protect your feet with premium quality shoes that will enable you to do everything you’ve ever wanted. Cue our Lake Charcoal boots, which are functional yet sophisticated, The LAKE is our fresh take on a classic. These boots are made with top-grain calfskin leather. Our signature red stitching, Vibram half-sole, and heel protector mean that this boot can fit into any lifestyle. So head onto your next adventure of a lifetime knowing you have boots to last you a lifetime!


Whether you’re a country buff or a city-dweller, the Country Natural boot will leave you feeling protected and cared for. Opt for this triple-stitched cap toe design and signature red stitching which offers a casual appearance. These boots have proven to be one of the best waterproof hiking boots. They are made with  Portuguese leather that is hand waxed three times at our workshop and ages beautifully with wear. The strong Vibram soles and heel protectors will ensure that you can walk on any terrain.


For the explorer in us all: We bring to you the Scout Charcoal, Inspired by Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra da Estrela. Strong, dependable and comfortable, you will never be able to leave home without these lightweight hiking boots again. These boots are constructed with a tall shaft for extra added ankle support in our classic top-grain, calfskin leather. Our lightweight boots are made to withstand an active lifestyle. 

Unlike buying normal boots, where aesthetics become a priority, hiking boots require research and decisions made based on a certain range of aspects. So for your next backpacking trip, put your best foot forward with Urban Shepherd Boots, and never worry about having footwear woes because our premium quality boots will ensure strength and stability like no other. 

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