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Harry Styles' Chelsea boots are giving us major shoe goals

English singer-songwriter, Harry Edward Styles, was named one of the most stylish men in the world by GQ Magazine last year in 2018. Why? You ask. That’s because Harry Styles knows how to dress to impress. The One Direction member is a style scholar and has developed his own unique dapper style which has really nothing to do with the latest trends.  He is a rock star who wears outfits that give off the air of laid back luxury. His style popularity is such, that there’s a dedicated twitter account called @HarryWoreWhat, that documents his style. Harry Styles wears high-end brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci with a steal-worthy aesthetic sense. He can pull off a tuxedo as well as his usual floral two-pieces. 

Harry is not afraid to try gender-fluid fashion. He wears silken long scarves and his fandom for billowing blouses is no secret either.  He sets the stage on fire as soon as he enters, wearing some high-voltage vintage-inspired silhouettes. Vivid shirts, lennons, bandana, his tattoos, wide-leg pants, and cowboy boots are some of the items that go together as smoothly as butter and toast for his stage looks. Harry has traveled all over the world, as one of the most prominent boy band members of all time, giving spectacular performances in front of thousands of screaming fans night after night. Even with all of the excitement in his life,  there’s one style of footwear that really gets this powerhouse’s heartbeat racing. That is - Chelsea boots (and a shirtless Ryan Gosling, apparently).

Chelsea boots have become the artist’s signature outfit staple. Harry Styles explained his footwear choices at the BBC, during an event for the promotion of his upcoming movie, Dunkirk. He speaks of an incident at an airport, where a flock of cheering fans surrounded Harry and pulled off his sneakers while trying to tug at his clothes. Ever since Harry has been devoted to heeled boots. Styles, who started wearing secure-fitting Chelsea boots due to this incident, soon became his go-to pair. He pairs these boots with envy-inducing style choices like monochrome suits, to look devilishly handsome. Harry Styles’ Chelsea boots are the most sought after ankle height booties in the UK and USA. Other than the singer’s cop-worthy looks, the Chelsea boot is a shoe that is practical and versatile for all seasons. It can be worn with suits, jeans, or even shorts. Harry Styles basically loves these boots that are the right shoe for year-round wear. Smart!  

During the same BBC1 radio show, Harry played a game called The Heart Monitor Challenge with radio host, Nick Grimshaw. Styles' heart, which was keeping its cool throughout the game, deceived him when presented with the triggers: Ryan Gosling and a pair of suede Chelsea boots. The heart monitor buzzed! Later, when Nick asked him if Harry would say Chelsea boots were the biggest love of his life, Harry replied with a ‘’probably’’ for an answer. Safe to say, Harry Styles and Chelsea boots were a match made in heaven.

Harry Styles wears almost exclusively black skinny jeans (seriously, we dare you to find a photo of him in blue jeans!) We don’t blame him: they’re a great canvas for exciting shirts and can carry you to any event, from a rock concert to the supermarket. 

Styles’ Chelsea boot choices are just as unconventional as his appearances. From Distressed Chelsea boots to their common chukkas version, and embroidered boots, are all part of his daily rotation. For more formal occasions, Harry opts to rock a tie-less buttoned shirt look. Meaning, just button your shirt to the top as you would when you’re about to put on a tie, then forget the tie, but don’t forget to slip into Chelsea boots at the end! Little black boots with ankle cut variations and a barely-there heel are something Styles has been spotted pairing with everything. Replace your traditional dress shoe with Chelsea boots this year!

His go-to casual pieces also include bomber jackets, structured overcoats, statement embellished jackets, and capes. To turn up the class, he opts for neutral colored jackets and coats. Letting those buttons open is classic Harry Styles's laid-back style. You can steal the look with wavy hair let loose and classic Harry Styles choice of Chelsea boots. 


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