Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

How To Style Your Boots

The great thing about style is that it is unique and personal to every individual. Some people opt for casual looks, while others dress up on a daily basis.

No matter your clothes, location, age or gender, there is a pair of Urban Shepherd Boots that will work for you! We have seen our products styled in numerous ways, and that is part of why this brand was created in the first place; the boots are inspired by the shoes of the working class of the ‘50s, so Urban Shepherd is committed to integrating history and traditions with contemporary style.

So, whether you are looking to dress up a rugged boot or mix up your everyday look, here are some ideas on how to style your Urban Shepherd Boots!

Rancho + Tucked-In Jeans

Urban Shepherd Rancho

The Rancho, a Spanish-style riding boot, is all about simplicity and function. While all of our boots are versatile in how they can be worn and with what, we love the look of this boot with an outfit that is equally simple and functional. By pairing the Rancho with jeans, you’ll look stylishly comfortable on the ranch or during a road trip on the bike.

Lake + Trousers

Urban Shepherd Lake

The Lake can go anywhere; from the office to the weekend, this boot fits into any lifestyle, and we love it paired with a trouser. This guy may be going in to the office for some creative work, then may be heading to a lake house for a weekend of relaxation. Either way, he looks classic and sophisticated! 

Country + Dress Pants

Urban Shepherd Country

The Country is all about simple details, and it can be dressed up a bit for a date night or a work event. The mix of rugged and eleganance is perfect, and the boot can easily be worn while working out in the field, too, as it is inspired by the boots worn by farmers, masons and technicians.

City + Button-Down Shirt

Urban Shepherd City

Every fashionable wardrobe needs a Chelsea boot, and the City - like every boot mentioned here - can work for a variety of looks. To stay true to its name, though, we love it when paired with a white button-down shirt; it’s a time-honored classic that adds elegance to any outfit.

Original + Cuffed Jeans

Urban Shepherd Original

A day on the trails or the city streets will be more comfortable than ever in the Original. Wear these with a pair of rolled jeans and a tee while exploring a new city, or throw on some hiking gear and get ready for the most comfortable hike ever in these boots!

Scout + Brown Pants

Urban Shepherd Scout

And remember that it is okay to mix your neutrals! Any of these shoes would work with anything from a tank top or a short-sleeve button-down shirt to a sweater or a leather jacket. With that being said, we do love seeing our newest boot, the Scout, with brown pants.

How do YOU wear your Urban Shepherd Boots? Tag us on social media, as we would love to see your style and share it with others!



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