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Men’s Winter Boot Styles: Lightweight Hiking Boots For Daily Wear

Along with the Summer, we also said goodbye to those sweaty palms and sweaty feet. We’re now prepping for the long winter ahead of us. While this holiday season is the season of merry and cheer, it’s also just about the right time to invest in some trusted pair of winter lightweight hiking boots for men. But choosing the best lightweight hiking boots can be quite the ordeal if one doesn’t know how to pick the right waterproof hiking boots.

Not just that, the best hiking boots generally tend to be bulky and heavy, taking up a lot of unnecessary space. While many travellers wear travel sneakers on their escapades and prefer hiking boots just for hiking, there are the few of us whose love for lightweight hiking boots knows no bounds, and we would go as far as to fashion them as our daily go-to footwear choice.

Buy these boots, or choose from many more styles at Urban Shepherd Boots 

But for the adventurous few who enjoy a good old trek uphill, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the best hiking boots for men. At Urban Shepherd, we understand that it is both comfort, durability and style that make our lightweight hiking boots a winter must-have. 

Step 1 - Picking The Right Hiking Boots 

From finding your size to finding the right kind of lightweight hiking boots for daily wear, there are a lot of factors to consider before making that big purchase. Firstly, if you’re going to be using your lightweight hiking boots as daily wear, you’ve got to keep in mind functionality, ensure it’s lightweight, and make sure that it is not too over-sized such that it inhibits your movement. The whole idea behind boots is that they are functional and sturdy footwear designed to withstand even the stormiest of weather conditions. Not just that, with the boot fashion on-point these days, you get to choose from a wide range of fashionable lightweight boots styles for men, even if you don’t plan on going hiking any time soon. So while you’re considering purchasing a pair of men’s lightweight hiking boots, don’t just think functionality - think both functionality and timeless fashion for all seasons of the year.  

Step 2 – Wearing The Right Hiking Boots the Right Way

Choose the style of boot that best compliments your own individual sense of style. Once you’ve done that, narrow down on the color you wish to pick. Browns and blacks are the safest bet, considering they won’t be a hassle when trying to pair the right boots with the right clothing. Once you’ve narrowed down on color, consider the material of the boot. When it comes to picking the right pair of lightweight winter boots for men, you’ve got to pick one that can stand rough and tough weather and usage conditions. Preferably, opt for leather lightweight hiking boots. Leather promises to last a long time, is comfortable, and blends into the wearer’s feet seamlessly.   

We’ve handpicked our finest leather winter boots styles for you to draw inspiration from, as you prepare to splurge on some fine lightweight hiking boots for the long winter season ahead – 

Look #1 – The Hippie Bohemian Adventurer

Are you one of those who is always on the lookout for the next big adventure? Be it a trusted pair of hiking shoes or lightweight hiking boots for men, we’ve got the perfect boot styles for men that will seamlessly fit into your hippie and cool adventurer/ wanderer wardrobe. Bring out that wander-lust in you by investing in a good old pair of leather boots - ones that will last longer than all journeys filled with adventurous expeditions, and then some more. 


Look #2 – The Corporate Climber

We know you love to suit-up, but even the busiest of you need that occasional break away from the daily corporate hustle. Whether you’re too busy climbing up that corporate ladder, or aiming for a higher peak for the coming summer adventure, one can’t be ready to face the day without a good pair of trusted lightweight hiking boots for daily wear. In this case, a trusted pair of lightweight winter boots for men.

Are you one of those who prefer the seven-fold silk ties and pocket squares with shoes needing to be shined every now and then? If you’re looking for the perfect lightweight hiking boots to wear all through the season – one that stays true to your corporate style – here are a few of our favorite mixes of corporate/ adventure-lover boot looks for the corporate powerhouse in you.

Look #3 – The All-round Jock

Does your style fit that of the regular all-around jock and are you the ladies’ favorite wherever you go? Well, if you are, that’s quite the reputation to keep. Look smart, and every bit the high-school smarty pants in our amazing brown leather lightweight hiking boots for men, that complement your persona and ensures you stay on top of the style game always. With Urban Shepherd fashion hiking boots, one can turn back time and look young as always with our effortlessly stylish, chic winter lightweight hiking boots for daily wear. Pair your trusted pair of leather hiking boots with long stylish winter coats or a pair of chinos, and finish off the look with a winter scarf draped around your neck.  


Look #4 – The Rockstar Grunge

Rockstars and their eternal love for lightweight hiking boots is an affair that we’re all too familiar with. This winter season, while you’re out basking under an evasive sun, amplify your style in some exquisite winter lightweight boots for men from Urban Shepherd. Carefully crafted by fine artisanal hands, we’ve styled the perfect hiking boots for men, keeping in mind the harsh winter ahead. So whether you decide to take that hike uphill, or enjoy some fine music outdoors, shop from our range of artisanal lightweight hiking boots for daily wear.

Look every bit the rockstar with some of our favourite rockstar boot looks over the past year.

Look #5 – The Ultimate Fashionista

Look every bit the fashionista in our fine range of leather boots at Urban Shepherd. Chelsea Boots are the ultimate when it comes to our favourite type of men’s boots for the season. They’re easy to style and ooze both comfort as well as old-school charm, making the Chelsea boot a must-have among all boots this season. Urban Shepherd lightweight hiking boots for men are timeless and crafted to last for longer than its wearer. Made with fine artisan craftsmanship, choose from a range of time-tested exquisite luxury leather boots for the long winter ahead.

Choosing ideal fashion hiking boots for men can be quite an ordeal, especially considering the many options available out there. One has to take into consideration style, comfort, durability, and if at all it can sustain the unpredictable weather conditions that have us in wraps.

There’s a fine line between good quality boots and great quality boots. An urban shepherd boot doesn’t make you have to think twice, or thrice – with limitless utility, comfort, and style, it foot-holds you through even the coldest winter. 

Handcrafted in Portugal, with the highest quality materials, our boots are made by skilled artisans who have been in the business of making boots for the past five generations. With an Urban Shepherd boot – just seeing is believing. 

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