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Take some styling lessons from Ryan Gosling to rock your boots

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor with an absolutely delightful country boy charm. Remember the charming character of Noah in the 2004 blockbuster - The Notebook? That’s the role that got him noticed with the ladies for his charm and men for his sense of style. But it wasn’t until the movies Blue Valentine and Gangster Squad - that Gosling earned the respect from fashion ninjas.

Gosling is the king of casual smart wear. He likes to keep things minimal, simple and nostalgically American with a taste for white tees, washed out faded jeans and brown shoes. His tailored pieces are mostly bold in color and often come subtly printed. Both on-duty and off-duty, he is one of those rare male celebs who know how to rock singlets without looking like a douche and can add some Euro class at the click of his fingers. He is spotted favoring no-tie looks on the red carpet and he likes to roll his sleeves. Playing accessorizing with chains, eyewear and footwear is his thing too. He dips into mainstream culture, but he’s quite indie at heart. In summary, Ryan Gosling’s style is a career on its own like his movie career.

Coupled with his bad-boy persona with a style that oozes minimum fuss, makes him a celebrity who you’d want to take styling lessons from. Not only his clothing, but his footwear style remains as effortlessly on par. Here’s a closer look at this ‘’La La Land’’ star who shares two daughters with partner Eva Mendes.

Ryan Gosling's Lace-Up Boots

Men want to dress like Ryan as much as the women want to be close to him. He's the kind of a celebrity who you can imagine drinking beer in boots & jeans and then rolling out to the Oscars in a tux and polished boots. The guy can literally rock a marvelous piece of tailoring and a ripped jeans+casual T-shirt combo with lace-up boots. Since 2012, Gosling has been a fervent wearer of the workwear boots, pairing them with jeans and a tee, or khakis and cozy outerwear;  and proving all the while why they get to be called "classics." Now, though, by wearing them on the red carpet, Gosling's making another kind of commitment to the hard-working footwear.

Ryan Gosling wearing camel boots with his beloved pooch in tow.

Most of Gosling's menswear favorites reminds us that classics are classics for a reason: Chunky lace-up boots are a practical and long-lasting part of your wardrobe. Perhaps the best part of workwear is that it's actually built to work—so you can wear them day in and day out and they'll just keep getting better.

Ryan Gosling's Brown Boots

Ryan Gosling has proven his great taste in boots on numerous occasions. Pairing distressed boots to bomber jackets, washed denim, varsity jackets and what not. When it comes to the color of boots, brown leather boots seem to be more of Gosling’s style.

Here are some styling tips for your brown boots to achieve preppy looks like Ryan’s:

  1. For a minimal weekend look, stick with the basics. Opt for a white t-shirt, black pants, and classy tan boots.
  2. Pair a tweed blazer with a rich cotton scarf, jeans and knee-length tan boots for a look that can be used during daytime and night time.
  3. Ryan knows how to stay classy. Dress like him by wearing a catchy belt and matching brown Chelsea boots. Don’t forget to add mirrored sunglasses!
  4. Heading out for lunch? Put on a fleece jacket in tones of brown or green tones in order to wear your brown shoes.
  5. Keep it sophisticated at meetings with grey and blue toned outfit, a brown satchel and matching brown shoes.
  6. Brown boots look great with suits and sexy white shirts.


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