Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

The signature elements of Urban Shepherd Boots

Crafted By Hand. Inspired By History.

You must have read our modern day tagline many times, but the Urban Shepherd Boots heritage dates back to the 80s when me, Tiago, would see my grandfather wearing leather boots and how they became a part of his personality over the years. Just like grandpa, his leather boots aged slowly with grace, becoming more and more interesting to me by each passing year. As an inspiration to me, his shoes gave me a vision: to create boots that integrate history and traditional craftsmanship with enduring style. The boots of my grandfather showed me my destiny, and together, we walked every step of the way, until I turned my vision into Urban Shepherd.

The signature elements of Urban Shepherd boots are original and full of character – just like the people who would wear them. I spent years inventing and perfecting modern and old techniques that would form the basis for the most sturdy and worthy leather boots. At a small, family-owned workshop in Benedita, Portugal, our highly skilled artisans use time-tested construction techniques to ensure that every pair of Urban Shepherd Boots features a genuine leather artwork and a durable welt process that allows our boots to be re-soled easily. We could wrap up our story with this sentence- It is the timeless silhouettes and authentic detailing that sets Urban Shepherd Boots apart, but our boots and our customers deserve more.  Learn more about our story and why we have earned a  reputation for quality, craftsmanship, detail, and practicality.


Our Materials

We select only the best natural leathers and high-quality components sourced locally in nearby Alcanena, Portugal, which is also the birthplace of Portugal’s leather industry. We also use high-quality leather for our linings in order to allow natural breathability for your feet.

The Patina Technique

Being an admirer of how the traditional work boots aged beautifully over time, I realized there was something more to it than just the color of a boot. Stories from old cobblers validated this realization with their tales of boots getting burnt when the farmers would act as firefighters in order to save their fields. (Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots with the Patina technique is hand-customized to order and takes  4-8 weeks for delivery.)


The Make

Each Urban Shepherd boot is cut out and made from one large piece of leather for precision and better stitch. That’s why our process of making luxuriously vintage yet modern looking boots remains handmade. We build the best boots we can by time-tested construction techniques to make boots that integrate history and traditional craftsmanship with enduring style. With each pair that is lovingly made in our workshop, we take pride in the genuine effort and authenticity of making a quality product.

The Companionship

Urban Shepherd Boots collection is carefully designed for outdoor performances like hiking as well as for urban environments. Our philosophy is - protect and craft a collection that works for those who require excellence in all weathers and landscapes. Each pair of boots in our collection is a companion worth taking along on your journeys- big or small.

Some key features common in our boots:

  • UPPER: Waxed Portuguese calfskin leather
  • CONSTRUCTION: Goodyear welt
  • EYELETS: Anti-rust brass hardware
  • DETAIL: Signature heavy-duty stitching
  • FOOTBED: Anti-shock cork footbed that molds to your feet
  • INSOLE: Tan genuine leather
  • MIDSOLE: Genuine leather
  • SOLE: Vibram® sole
  • HEEL: Genuine stacked leather with Vibram® heel protector

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