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Tips On Removing Odors From Leather Boots

A bright sunny day can really turn into a nightmare when someone’s smelly shoes are stinking right next to you. It is one of the most unpleasant odors to come across and nobody wants to be around shoe odor or be the one with odorous feet. Stinky shoes or smelly feet can be a source of embarrassment as well. However, it is not one’s fault entirely as hot temperatures naturally lead to sweaty feet, which in turn leads to moisture in shoes causing unpleasant odors. When it comes to leather boots, you can’t really throw away your stinky boots just yet, because they’re an investment and, of course, you love them! Rejoice, because we are sharing some of the best and most effective methods for eliminating odors in leather boots ahead. 

Some shoes, like canvas sneakers and trainers, can simply be thrown into a washing machine. Leather footwear, on the other hand, requires a little extra effort and care. There are many suggested solutions for removing leather shoe odors but it is important to remember that the cause of the foul smell is almost always bacteria from your feet. This means you need to first try and avoid humidity and warmth inside the shoes. The smell of bacteria growing on the body is called Bromhidrosis and abnormally increased perspiration is termed as Hyperhidrosis. Both of these conditions are simply unfortunate parts of an active lifestyle. Even if you are washing your feet every day with antibacterial soap,  that doesn’t mean it will prevent bacteria from growing. As unconventional as it sounds, using talcum powder on your feet is one of the easiest solutions for preventing moisture. It is also important to keep your boots clean, wear socks in low-absorb materials, and take off boots every couple of hours to let air pass into them. Finish off with a good quality foot spray at night if you can. The 250,000+ glands in your feet release sweat to balance the temperature during hot weather conditions, which is a good thing until this sweat is soaked by the inner sole of the boots. Two of the main factors that eventually cause the smell to grow are:

  • Lack of proper ventilation in the boots.
  • Having an uncovered, infected foot injury.

Follow these tips for getting rid of feet and boot odor:

  • Turn them inside out and leave your socks full of clean kitty litter and baking soda overnight before wearing them the next day.
  • Take a teaspoon of Bicarbonate Soda in a super thin cotton cloth and place the knot into each boot, and leave overnight. You can also use a big piece of charcoal in place of the soda.
  • Place a sheet of blotting paper inside the stinky boots and add some cloves on top of it. Leave it for a few hours.
  • Freezing temperatures kill odor-causing bacteria. Place the boots in an airtight plastic bag and leave them in the freezer for 3-4 hours. 
  • Dry your shoes by putting them in an open space like your balcony or your lawn.
  • Take out the shoelaces and lift the tongue to speed up the drying process. 
  • Salt is effective in canceling out bacteria causing moisture. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of salt into each shoe and leave it for 2 hours.
  • Soaking your feet in soap, warm water and two spoonfuls of white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil and sprinkled bicarbonate soda in a pouch out of muslin and place it inside the boots. You can also use cotton balls instead of muslin.
  • Use a hair dryer if you are in a hurry to dry the shoes. 
  • Try sprinkling some baking soda in the shoes and let the powder absorb the odor overnight. 
  • Use baby powder as a feet powder at night and after a shower.
  • Leave some lemon or orange peels inside the boots overnight.
  • Spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol inside the boots as it acts like a natural antiseptic that dries quickly

Other than these home remedies, you can also use commercial solutions like foot sprays that work as an effective shoe deodorizer. Cedarwood is a great ingredient for these sprays due to its natural antifungal quality. We hope this article helps you stay fresh all summer!

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