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Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends for 2019 and how to wear your boots with them

According to AW '19 fashion shows in cities like London and Milan, there’s a huge list of trends that you should be wearing later this year. Designers have played a failsafe card with styles like oversized shoulders for a preppy air and by joining the forces of streetwear and sportswear. An array of prints is also proving that men’s fashion has finally rivalled the women’s in terms of excitement, innovation, and artistry. We’ve rounded up the top 3 trends that are very wearable plus they style well with your favorite leather boots.

Denim suits

From design houses like MSGM, Pronounce, and Jil Sander, a very interesting trend has been spotted by trendsetters - denim suits. It is basically head-to-toe denim and not necessarily tailored like the usual suit fittings. This style has come into the men’s fashion scene probably as a result of the uprising athleisure gear and hardcore sportswear trend for Autumn Winter ‘19. From oversized denim chore coats paired with matching oversized jeans, to nice little denim jackets in the 60s style, full with patch pockets and camp collars, paired with slim-cut jeans, double denim was everywhere in its purest form. Let’s just call them denim tuxedos.

Talking about styling these suits with leather boots, it’s almost a no brainer as denim is such a versatile fabric that goes with almost everything. Think Chelsea and combat boots with a denim suit, or denim separates if you’re not ready to take this trend to the extreme yet.

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Leopard print

When it comes to the hottest prints across men and women’s fashion for 2019, the list is topped by animal print, especially leopard print. There’s a long list of designers like Phillip Plein, Versace and MSGM who have showcased drool-worthy leopard print collections for men on the fall-winter 2019 runways. This seemingly experimental and out-of-your-comfort-zone print is surprisingly versatile. If you come to think about it, it is a very neutral pattern which compliments most skin tones and works well with the majority of other colors. AW’19 leopard print can be seen in modern versions like bright Day-Glo and shaggy leopard coats and even tuxedos. If you plan on wearing leopard print this season and in the upcoming winter, keep your use of the pattern to a minimum and remember, for men, leopard print trousers are not a thing. So, unless your style is as bold and kitschy as that of Jason Momoa or Billy Porter, you can free your wild side with a leopard print top and accessories. Leopard print pairs well with brown, tan and black leather boots. 


Monochrome style 

A style that passes effortlessly between seasons, a monochrome man is what you want to be this year. For Fall 2019, the key with monochrome is not to stick to only black and white but wear colored versions as well. It is important to remember to choose pieces with clean edges that will look sleek but edgy. White shirts should be crisp and bright. Darker colors should be bold, not faded. Wearing monochrome is easy, plus it is slimming and smart. So you don’t have any reason to shy away from wearing this style and flaunt a clean, well-defined look. 

At the Fendi fashion show, all beige looks were showcased while off white dominated the Ami runway and grey was the showstopping color at Louis Vuitton. It is quite evident that the monochrome look is the epitome of confidence and style for Fall 2019. Pair your monochrome look with leather boots, keeping the color of your outfit in mind. If you’re wearing warmer tones like beige, orange or yellow, wear brown leather boots. If you’re wearing a black, purple or white monochrome look, both black and brown boots shall pair well. 

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