Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Best ways to style men's Chelsea boots!

Boots- always the hardest working item in the wardrobe come autumn and winter. So it’s not surprising when all we can think of is Chelsea Boots for winter when the colder months approach! This versatile style can be found in a plethora of styles and colors and can be found in animal prints, block colors and cool leather styles. The favorite of many French women and men, this style has become a time-honored classic and is definitely not going anywhere. 

Dating back to the Victorian era, Chelsea boots for men traditionally featured flat soles, rounded toes and fit right above the ankle. In recent years though, they have evolved into many more styles and silhouettes to fit the everyday gait of men and women. 

The Metropolitan Creative Geek

You’re probably one of the creative types who work for a small media firm that most likely has an office dog. Your office environment encourages you to wear laid-back denim and we’re sure you’re not going to hold back on that one! To match your indie-creative vibe, pick out a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots. The color is much less formal than it’s black counterpart and is more suited to a day look. These boots will make you look highly stylized with that raw and dark denim. Take it easy while choosing your upper half as you don’t want your laid-back look to seem too put-together. Opt for a hoodie or a semi-casual shirt that tonally matches your boots to give it an elegant work look. 

The Rockstar 

Do you secretly wish you could be a rockstar but can’t play the guitar to save your life? Maybe it’s time to put away your guitar and make your way to the black section of the menswear department. The color is synonymous with rock as is the leather jacket. Put it all together with a plain white T-shirt and bring out those trusty Chelsea boots to look like a page straight out of the Alex Turner lookbook.

The Corporate Guy

Maybe your office has toned down the dress codes, and you know what that means? A much wider playground for you to play in. Put those stuffy dress shoes away and make the swap with Chelsea boots to add a bit of flair around the place. 

Slot them under office trousers (which are preferably cropped) to keep the silhouette sharp and prevent bunches at the hem. The heights of the boots will also keep your ankles guarded (especially if the temperatures are subzero).

The Weekender 

If you’ve whizzed past adolescence, then you shouldn’t still be spending your weekends in sweats. Level-up your weekend-style by replacing your tattered old sneakers for some natty new Chelsea boots and bring some smartly cut denim into play while you’re at it.

A cool and relaxed unstructured blazer is also another smart-casual option that could work well with dark denim and this season’s on-trend outerwear pieces, like the shearling jacket. It could be a good idea to keep those shirts at bay for the weekend and opt for some knitwear. Aim for warm neutrals like browns and blues. Black might be a tad bit too serious for after 5 pm on a Friday!

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