Fire Aging

The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Urban Shepherds Boots, well made in Portugal

In a society where everything is discarded, in a society in which almost everything is ephemeral, forging our own path, forging our identity, is the most pressing need. This is the story of Tiago Maximo, a man who found a solution to this need. To the question: What do we need to create today? It seems to answer "something that lasts and that reminds us the importance of our personality, of our values ​​and the path that we still have to travel".

Inspired by the Portuguese original 50's work boots, the owner of Urban Shepherds Boots is committed to the development of quality products, with great resistance, that accompany their owners in an infinity of stories that they can tell their grandchildren when they become old.

Our identity, strength and values inherited from our culture must be resilient. The Urban Shepherds Boots remind us not only for its clear durability and first class materials, but also for the passion and techniques used by its talented artisans  that make us remember a long history, a tradition that refuses to die, a tradition that, contrary to what is believed, has come to the modern world to share its vision of the world and its values.

How it all started the Urban Shepherds Boots Project?

Why did we decide to start Urban Shepherds Boots? Precisely for a constant search for identity, for that need to find a way to express our ideas, our values, our conceptions about morality and ethics. Craft is probably the best way to express all these ideas. What a craftsman does not compare to simple products such as those made in mass, these products carry with them the effort, passion, conviction and delivery of the craftsman who makes them.

Our motto is "from the fields to the streets". Behind the cities there are stories of men and women who built those cities, who lived in the fields before living in them. These men and women were strong, determined, with firm values and ideals, people of conviction who made their way through history.

These men and women are our past, we come from there and because of that, we are also strong, determined, with a path ahead to forge. That's what Urban Shepherds Boots reminds us with its unique philosophy of life.

Urban Shepherds Boots eclectic style

Quality, tradition and good style are not things that should be separated. Contrary to this misconception, Urban Shepherds Boots is committed to integrate the classic style of 50s boots  with contemporary style. This idea has given excellent results, despite the initial doubts, the mixture of styles converged in an even more attractive style.


What kind of people do we think of when creating the Urban Shepherds Boots?

We think about men and women like you who want to leave a mark, who want to endure over time, make history, live a memorable life to tell stories to their children as they get older. We think about men and women who know what they want and know who they are.

Quality, tradition and good taste go hand in hand in every pair of boots produced by Urban Shepherds Boots. If these elements define you, if you like to know your past but also shape your future, the Urban Shepherds has been designed  for someone like you.

More than a job it is a way of life

More than shoes, each pair of this boots are pieces of art in which the soul of the craftsman who made them is reflected. This shows that the value is far beyond a slogan. True value lies behind the history of things, the passion with which they were made.

Just as artisans make these spectacular products, so Urban Shepherds Boots imagines their clients, as people who live their lives with passion, forge their way with all the effort of their soul. Undoubtedly Urban Shepherds Boots is a brand that distinguishes entrepreneurs, people who want to leave their mark.

It is a delight to watch how each pair of boots is made. By observing the process you can be sure about the great knowledge and skills of the artisans. You can have the certain that you will  acquire a high quality product. The same happens when observing the finished boots, every elegant detail, an immense neatness that be trays the exhaustively and the effort of those who elaborated them.

 With the aim of achieving high quality standards and offering a personalized service, the 20 craftsmen of Urban Shepherds Boots also care about nature. For this reason, artisans use high quality natural and recycled materials to ensure the least impact on the environment.

Why Urban Shepherds Boots?

There are many reasons to buy a pair of these impressive boots. A history of successful entrepreneurship, high-quality personalized service, products of great strength and durability, a strong identity, a high sense of traditional and modern style. All these factors come together in a work philosophy that is more than admirable.

We just have to add a few more words, hoping that the afore mentioned has served as an excellent landscape of everything that Urban Shepherds Boots represents:

If you are looking for an image that represents you, that reflects your desire to change the course of the story, your story, the Urban Shepherds boots are the right ones to accompany you on that long and exciting journey to know. What started as a dream, as a need to find an identity, today is a concrete reality, many people around the world use Urban Shepherds Boots, and are more than satisfied with everything they represent. Identity, stories, strength, a personal path: Urban Shepherds Boots.

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