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The “Aged by Fire” process uses the power of flame to emulate the patina formed by years of wear. Each pair of “Aged by Fire” boots is hand-customized to order, so all sales are final. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

What are Vibram soles and why are they important for work boots

Vibram’s Carrarmato sole has been called “the most iconic sole on earth”. Intriguing, isn’t it? What can make a sole so iconic that it remains the industry leader even today when there’s much more industrialization. Well, for starters, Vibram soles are the first shoe sole ever created with a rubber lug sole. It takes its name from the Italian word for “tank tread” as both work on a similar mechanism where, through its firm indentations, the grip is created. Before we get into why these soles are known for being versatile, let’s understand the interesting history behind it.

Vibram soles are named after the founder of the company - Vitale Bramani. Bramani was an alpine mountain climber, back in the 1930s. In that era, outdoor footwear was quite different and heavier than today. In the first portion of a mountain climb, heavy hobnail shoes would be worn, turning into felt-soled boots for the last portion of the climb. Felt-soled boots, which are still sold for river crossings and fly-fishing today, give excellent traction unless they freeze, which frequently occurred in the age of Vitale. Back in the day, six of Bramani's friends died of exposure during an expedition trying to climb Mt. Rascia in the Italian Alps as they were unable to climb the mountain fast enough. He conjectured the slow climbs were the footwear's fault, but also that vulcanized rubber-patented by Charles Goodyear, of all individuals-would, be a fine material for the task as it is abrasive and water-resistant. Using a version of Goodyear's rubber and investments from tyre magnate Leopoldo Pirelli, Vitale introduced the Vibram (pronounced as "vee-brahm"), beginning with the lug model and a yellow Vibram logo in the center.

Vibram fitted the first successful climbing squad with their walking shoes in 1954 to conquer K2 (the second largest mountain in the world). These specialist shoe soles were intended with their distinct requirements to tackle each leg of the expedition and pushed Vibram's position up as an industry leader for high quality shoe soles. They come with an all-in-one unique technology that intends to provide great traction across a variety of hard to conquer surfaces like hard-packed snow and rocky forest floors to loose rubble grounds. They come with a high level of abrasion resistance to prevent your feet from getting harmed. Let's find out a little more about the importance of the Vibram soles.

What are the main features of Vibram Soles?

1. Slip Resistant

Vibram soles are known to be of the greatest quality worldwide. Compared to any other rubber-soled competitor, a quick look at Vibram characteristics and you'll see the distinctive variety and complexity of Vibram soles. The water-resistant soles will prevent your feet from getting wet and sore, and the shoes from getting damaged so quickly.

2. Long-lasting

As we have already stated, Vibram soles are the best and praised for their durability and have lasted for some clients for as long as 15 years. If you're a frequent hiker and explore the trails in your leather boots every weekend, boots with Vibram soles are going to last for more than a year, meaning you won't have to purchase a fresh pair for a few years. A valuable investment.

3. Waterproof

Vibram soles are specifically designed to repel water to keep your feet and socks dry while the elements are being tackled. 



What Are Vibram Shoes Best For?


All Vibram soles are your safest bet when you are preparing your feet for a variety of terrain, whether you're out for a walk, a hike or a ramble. Many characteristics contribute to their efficiency including enhanced toe protection and metal shanks to maintain the shape of your boot on uneven ground and provide efficient protection and comfort.

Can you clean vibram soles?

Although Vibram soles come with mud clearing channels and mudguards, we suggest that you wash your soles after any outdoor activity to guarantee that excessive dirt in the creases does not hinder your grip. Vibram soles are machine washable. Make sure to use a mild liquid or powdered detergent and lukewarm water. 


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